Rectory & Staff


Holy Rosary & St. Michael’s Rectory is located on 52 Smith Street in Elizabeth, NJ. Our staff warmly welcomes you to call (908) 354-2454 or stop by to speak with one of our representatives. Some of the topics inquirers regularly ask about include:

First Communion
Mass Intentions
Tree of Life Commemorations
Parishioner Registration
Parish Hall Rental

Our offices open from Monday to Friday, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.


Holy Rosary & St. Michael’s Rectory se encuentra en la calle 52 Smith Street en Elizabeth, Nueva Jersey. Le demos la más cordial bienvenida para que nos llame al (908) 354-2454 o pase a hablar en persona con uno de nuestros representantes. Temas típicos incluyen:

Primera comunión
Intenciones masivas
Conmemoraciones del árbol de la vida
Registro de feligreses
Alquiler de Salón Parroquial

Nuestras oficinas abren de lunes a viernes, de 10 a.m. a las 6 p.m


Holy Rosary & St. Michael’s Rectory est situé au 52 Smith Street à Elizabeth, New Jersey. Nous vous invitons chaleureusement à nous appeler au (908) 354-2454 ou à vous arrêter pour parler en personne à l’un de nos représentants. Les thèmes typiques incluent:

  • Baptême
  • Première Communion
  • Confirmation
  • Confession
  • Mariage
  • Intentions de messe
  • Arbre de Vie Commémorations
  • Inscription des paroissiens
  • Location de la salle paroissiale

Nos bureaux sont ouverts du lundi au vendredi, de 10 a.m. a 6 p.m.

Our Pastor

Very Reverend Dieuseul Adain, V.F.

Tree of Life Commeration

Holy Rosary & St. Michael’s extends a unique memorial for the dearly departed. Inside our church, resides near the sanctuary a raised, wooden base silhouette in the form of a tree on which golden metallic plaques display engraved names of beloved persons who have passed. Spanning several feet in diameter, the memorial beautifully incorporates commemorations in the form of leaves and stones of varying prominence.

Each Mass at our church directly bids prayers for the names engraved on the Tree of Life of the parish. Prayers for the faithful departed plays a crucial role in our journey to heaven.

Therefore, please consider supporting our parish and the journey of your dearly beloved who has passed on by engraving on the Tree of Life their name and a succinct message in their memory.

Parish Hall Rental

A parish hall suited for banquets, celebrations, or ceremonies forms part of the grounds of our church. Organizers and attendees have held many events there, conveniently accessing the hall across the street from the church. Make your private reservations any time in the year. Please call the rectory for more information.